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From innovation to production, we turn ideas alive.
Innovation & Development

We treat innovation as a crucial step and strive to consistently push boundaries. By doing so, we can ensure that every project stands alone in this world.

Prototyping & Sampling

Our workshop engineers are well-equipped and very familiar in turning intangible ideas into tangible prototypes, before the project even begins.

Full Range Production

Whether you need small quantity or big shipment, you can count on us. Our portfolio spans from hand-crafted items to theme park merchandising.


LED strip isn't always the only go-to solution to light up costumes. Our team's worked with all sorts of light up components, we even make our own light up components that are not available on the market.

Speaking from experience, we know that when we put electronics and costumes together, they become very fragile.
Rest assured we have all sorts of solutions specifically to tackle these problems.

About our LED Costumes
ELECTRONIC Theatrical Props

When we make theatrical props, we look at the concept drawings and try to match it as close as possible. So far, we have not disappointed.
Props we have produced range from hand-held light-up water buckets to theatre lighting fixtures, such as DMX comptable LED Crystals and flying LED Octopus.

About our props service
ALL-IN-ONE Integration

Light up costumes consists of the costume, a battery, and a LED driver circuit board. It's very simple to make a light up costume using LEDs and a simple development Arduino board, but we're way beyond more than that.
For each costume, we mix up different light sources, and drive all of it from a single chip. We also integrate any existing synchronising systems such as DMX controllers or ArtNet devices so that all costumes are in sync with all the other elements of the show.

About our drivers

Helping with your project

Other Solutions

Over the years working with theme parks and show producers, we've had many more projects that were beyond LED suits. It has inspired us to combine our manufacturing knowledge and existing work processes, to provide a range of other custom solutions that are within our best capability.

Know more about what we can do for your other projects in the button below.

See all our solutions
Parkwide Interactive System

We developed a plug & play interactive system that allows theme park interactivity much easier to implement and manage.

Custom Light Strip Development

We're the world's first company to produce a programmable COB light strip. We have the ability to develop light strips with custom pixel counts and and sizes.

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Kriatar is our very own brand of tools and components that were originally designed by our engineers for our own use.

Now we're making them available for hobbyists and engineers around the world.

  • Fully warranteed products, with detailed instruction manuals and spec sheets.
  • After-sales customer support.
  • Custom specifications and changes available upon request.
All products are available for purchase by mail order, until our online shop goes live.
Enquire here for catalogue.

Night light shows, costumes, props, light fixtures, you name it. We'll get it done.

Let us know how we can help with your next big project.

Tell us more about your idea, we'd love to hear about it. If you need advice, technical expertise, enquiries on our products and services, or technical support for our products, contact us through the below information and we'll get back to you right away.


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